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  • Since 1978, The company was chosen as a general agent for "Callitsis Ship Management"  serving more than 15 ships monthly in Suez Canal & other ports of Egypt.  

  • In 1980 through 1984, the company was chosen as the main forwarder to the " Metro of Greater Cairo" by the main contractor " Daher & CIE" in Paris, where all the project's first stage was handled by "a. a. New Marine"  

  • In 1986 through 2004, The company was awarded the husbandry agency contract to the American USN & US Air forces in the port of Alexandria & Suez Canal, shared in the four major Bright Stars maneuvers, last of them was in September / November 2002.  

  • In 1985 The company was chosen to act as general agent to most of the Yugoslav trampers owners & proved very high ability to face & solve problems to many cases in Suez Canal or other ports.  

  • The company is the general agent to many time charter owners & also manage some ships as bulk & tankers.

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