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The idea of being a seaman came to the founder of this company after he read a novel book named "Atlantis". This book was telling about the famous merchant ship owned Germans & used to join the Allides Forces who used to take care & guard the merchant convoys of ship steaming to various destinations. This ship  "ATLANTIS" remained hidden & did not touch any official port for more than 24 months keeping her capabilities, & function by the willingness & high standard of seaman ship of her various crew & officers.

  • In 1956

         the founder joined the Egyptian Merchant Navy as a cadet & when his passenger ship "Al Sudan"            was transiting Suez Canal he met the 3rd Officer of "Atlantis", Captain Fehler, who was a Suez                Canal pilot at this time since this moment, the willingness to reach the maximum seaman                      abilities remain as a target.

  • In 1966

​         Captain Awwa joined Suez Canal as a pilot.

  • In 1967

​​         The canal was closed & he came back to the sea.

  • In 1970

​​         He joined the renovated port of Jeddah as a port officer.

  • In 1971

​​         He was lent to the Libyan Government to share in establishing the Libyan Merchant Navy.

  • In 1974

​​         He joined the European International as a fleet & operation assistant manager.

  • In 1977

​         He formed "a. a. New Marine" which since started till God wills will remain in service to the                      international andnational Marine & logistics service.

The company started in 1977 with one employee & now the stuff reached 40 employees.

We hope that our history in shipping since 1956 till date

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